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"Thanks for all the hard work, diverse veggies, email info, organized process and the HEALTHY FOOD EXPERIENCE!"

"We are delighted with each and every weekly box of veggies we get from you.  We have never eaten better."

"I am definitely healthier and happy because you are my farmer!"

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2018 Membership Options


If you choose to become an Old Plank Farm member, you'll receive 19-21 (typically 20) deliveries of our organically-grown vegetables. Our harvest/delivery season usually runs from mid-June through late October. Each week you'll receive 5-8 different vegetables in the box you pick-up. Additionally, you'll find variety boxes of vegetables at your pick-up site each week. You will be offered 1-3 additional items to choose from these boxes. These "choice boxes" help balance member preferences so that you get more of what you like best! When you sign up, you will be sent a Vegetable Preference Questionnaire that will help us design our veggie harvests and choice boxes around your needs. Sign up early to participate in this survey!

Members also receive weekly newsletters which include notes and recipes from Angelica Immel (our CSA manager), and a farm blog by Stephanie (the farm owner and field manager). As soon as you sign up, you'll start receiving the newsletter because we send them year round to keep you informed about what we are doing at the farm.

All members have the option of purchasing other local food products throughout the season,  including fruits, meats, and eggs. These are offered as they become available, and are delivered to you along with your weekly vegetable share.

Our goal is to inspire you to EAT MORE VEGETABLES! Below is additional information on our different sizes of vegetable boxes, and our different pick-up sites.

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LARGE SHARE ... $23 per week | Seasonal membership cost of $460.00  Our largest share option in 2018, this choice will likely feed a family of 2-4 people that cooks regularly. 

SMALL SHARE ... $14.50 per week | Seasonal membership cost of $290.00 The small share is great for 1-3 people, or for a small family that does not cook regularly. Volume of produce is approximately 1/2 - 2/3 the quantity of the large share. Variety is similar to the large share, though not everything is provided as often as in the large share. (For example, a large share may get a melon two weeks in a row, and the small share may only get it during one of those weeks). 

EGG SHARE ... $4.33 per dozen | Seasonal membership cost of $52 (add-on share) Receive eggs with your share. Eggs come from pastured, certified-organic-fed chickens raised by the Cowhig family at Drewry Farms here in Plymouth. These birds have a healthier and happier life than factory-farmed birds, and it shows in the color and quality of their egg yolks. This share provides one dozen eggs, every other week during the delivery season, for a total of 11-13 dozen eggs (most years we provide 12 dozen).  Egg shares are only available to members who also purchase a vegetable share.


To sign up for any - or all! - of these shares, go to our online sign-up page. Please note that we are requesting a $130 down-payment by mailing a check within one week of signing up. The remaining balance is due by June 30, 2018.

Interested in working at the farm for your vegetable share? Read more here.



We deliver CSA shares to the following locations. *All deliveries are on Tuesdays in 2018*

Tuesday Locations and Times:

Plymouth, Old Plank Farm, 1pm-8pm

Kohler Co. Several locations. Employees only, 12:30-end of work day

Sports Core in Kohler, 100 Willow Creek Dr, 1:30pm-7:00pm

Sheboygan, Goodside Grocery at 8th and St. Clair, 1pm-7pm

Port Washington, residence located near Wisconsin and W. Walters St., 4pm-7pm  

Mequon, Mequon United Methodist Church, 4pm-6pm 

Fox Point, residence located near Lake Drive and Calumet Rd, 3:30pm-7pm 

Shorewood, residence located near Larkin St. and Olive St., 3pm-7:30pm 
CSA Sign-Up

Our 2018 CSA sign-up season is now open! Sign up early to fill out our pre-season vegetable preferences survey.