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The Adventures of Beetie Episode 2

Posted 4/13/2018 12:13pm by Stephanie Bartel.

The Adventures of Beetie: In which Beetie tours the Old Plank Farm Seeding Greenhouse. By Angelica Immel

Beetie says: "It is thyme for an adventure!"

On Beetie's journey through the greenhouse he comes across some Peppers and Eggplant.
"Did you know" says Beetie, "that it is called eggplant because the fruits of the plant were originally white instead of purple, so they looked like big eggs!"

Venturing on into the green, Beetie finds tomato plants. They are is favorite variety 'Goldie'.
He says to the plants, "I love you from my head, to-ma-toes."

Next he encounters baby zucchini and cucumber plants...
"Happy Birthday!" Beetie shouts to the newly emerging cuke and zuke plants.

In order to get to the other side of the greenhouse, Beetie must trek through a forest of onions.

After that long trek through The Onion Forest Beetie says, "Wow, I'm Beet!" and as he plops down in a bed of Beetie sized greens, "Lettuce Eat!"

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