Working Member Opportunities

The two biggest factors determining the success of a farming season are fertility and labor. Without fertility and labor we couldn’t grow vegetables. I’m deep in several books about soil biology right now, gleaning details that can help us in our ongoing quest for healthy and resilient soils at Old Plank Farm. Learning how to better manage microbes like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and micro-arthropods is high on my winter to-do list. Simultaneously, I am finishing our cover crop seed order, a key piece of the whole fertility management puzzle.

Meanwhile, Angelica has put a lot of thought into our labor needs for the upcoming season. After all, soil protozoa can’t bag the potatoes. That’s where you come in! We loved having working-members join our farm last season, and we hope everyone from last season will join us again this season! Additionally, we want to include a few new options for more working members. Angelica has posted some details on our website’s Work page. Check it out, and pass it along to anyone you know who may want to join our farm and work with us.

If you can’t commit to a full season working member agreement, you may want to join us for the occasional Work Day. If you want a chance to come to the farm once or twice during the season, work 3-4 hours, and receive a discount off the price of your membership, please send us an email ( Once we finalize the Work Day options, we’ll send you the details. Work Days will likely be Saturday mornings in June and early July, and will include hand weeding, or picking peas or strawberries. Children are welcome to tag along.