Meet the founder, stephanie bartel

In 2008 the seed that became Old Plank Farm was planted in my mind after working on several other vegetable farms around Wisconsin during my college years.  It was a bit of a challenge to find a piece of land on which to plant that seed, but after some searching a little place on the edge of Plymouth came to my attention. It was twenty-five acres of rocky, abandoned farmland and had a well, two trailers, a barn and a garage. What more could anyone want? It was a perfect fit for a young entrepreneur. I took out many loans to purchase the farm, and in January 2009 I moved in to one of the trailers and sold 20 vegetable shares. I was then 23 years old. This is where the first seed of Old Plank Farm was planted.  

In 2019, eleven seasons later, Old Plank Farm is a thriving 250-member vegetable farm with more than fifteen acres in production, four greenhouses for season extension, and a half-acre compost yard that helps to regenerate our topsoil and heal the land.  

Our highly diversified vegetable gardens are tended using organic and sustainable farming practices. I, along with many friends, family members, neighbors, and seasonal helpers, have worked tirelessly the last ten years to help Old Plank Farm grow into a healthy, energetic, and resilient farm and business. My main role presently is managing crop production and whole-farm planning. My favorite farm task is harvesting cabbage.

You can read more about the current farm crew below. You can read more about our produce and our membership options here. Our mission is to spread health and well-being to you, your family, and our community through the vegetables we grow.


angelica immel

Now in her sixth season at Old Plank Farm, Angelica is primarily managing harvest and post-harvest responsibilities in 2019. Her persistent work ethic, positive attitude, and natural leadership skills make her a perfect fit for our team. She'll be leading our weekly harvest team, as well as coordinating the boxing and deliveries this season. Angelica's favorite farm tasks are weeding the carrot seedlings, and picking peas or beans. 


many hands make light work

A shout out to all those who helped at Old Plank Farm during the 2018 season. We couldn’t have done it without you: Jake, Oscar, Mirianne and Sunshine (Abu), Jessica, Joanne, Katie, Kristin, Amy, Nichole, Derek, Dan and Chris, Bing, Darlis, Dan S, Zelda, Liz, Dick, Barb and Mark, Phil, and the Immel Family. If you’d like to work with us for a season or just a couple hours a week, visit our WORK page for more information.