Here's what our farm members say about Old Plank Farm:

"This has been my first CSA [farm] experience, thanks for making it a great one.  I'm a huge fan of the little tomatoes.  Between the choice boxes and the exchange boxes, my CSA [farm] share has given me more choices than I expected."

"Thank you for feeding us with so much love through our CSA boxes!!"

“Being part of Old Plank Farm has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for us. We greatly admire the work you are doing. We appear to be quite a bit older than most of your members, being in our seventies. However, we have learned much and continued to gain respect and hope because of younger folks like you.”

"We are delighted with each and every weekly box of veggies we get from you.  We have never eaten better. ... Your system works seamlessly and we appreciate all of your attention to detail.  The deliveries seem seamless on this end."

"The boxes have been great!  Don't ever under estimate the positive effect you are having on lots of people.  I am definitely healthier and happy because you are my farmer! "

"WE LOVE OPF... great quality, delicious, local, great farm practices!"

"This is a great CSA and we love our pick up site. We enjoyed touring the farm for pizza dinner. Keep up the great effort."

"I have to say that I was so happy when you gave us the idea to add parsley to smoothies!  Was amazingly good to add that in with the strawberries and banana. Loving my CSA box.  My friend at work and I split a half share and look forward to receiving it each week."

"Thank you for all your hard work! What a wonderful CSA this is! It is a joy to eat such amazing food! All my love to you and the crew!"

"Thank you so very much for you hard work to deliver such a great array of vegetables on a weekly basis throughout the summer.  I must admit that I'm not much of a vegetable fan, but [my wife] so looks forward to each weeks delivery.  That being said, I have tasted each and everyone of your veggie products and they are so much better than I would have imagined.  Thank you for your hard efforts to feed not only [my wife] who adores your product and my four grandsons who love it too."

"Thanks for all the hard work, diverse veggies, email info, organized process and the HEALTHY FOOD EXPERIENCE!"

"Thank you to you and your employees for all their hard work! The people that dropped off were also very pleasant!"

"We had Rice-and-Greens for dinner tonight. Everyone loved it and I have very picky eaters. Last week my daughter who won't  have anything to do with salad loved the greens with stir fry on top. Thanks for all you do!"

 "You guys rock! Thanks for a great season."

"It's the best produce ever; thank you. And I love your emails."

"I’m just picked up my quarter and egg shares and I’m SO excited. Everything looks AMAZING! HOORAY for CSAs, organics, and buying local!!! Thank you for all you do."

"I just wanted to say that the boxes of crops this week were amazing and beautiful! I have been enjoying the veggies immensely. Thank you for all you and your team do."

"The head of romaine in last week's delivery was AMAZING! I was so happy to see another one this week! Thanks to you and your team for all that you do to grow my family WONDERFUL produce!"

"Thanks so much for the regular produce updates, hints for using said produce, and, of course, for all the healthy and delicious food. It's been a pleasure for us to share in your farming expertise and commitment."

"Thank you for a wonderful season of produce!  I’m so sad to think about vegetables from a grocery store. You and your crew all deserve a vacation!"